Roy Hayes Still Smiling After $500 To Win Millbridge Speedway Victory

SALISBURY, N.C. – It’s been a little over a week since Roy Hayes led flag to flag in the $500 to win non-qualifier’s race at Millbridge Speedway on the night of the Speed 51 Open.

He’s still smiling, and looking ahead to what promises to be a challenging summer.

“That was a big day,” he grinned.  “I really wanted to make the A-Main, and missing by a spot was tough, but when I think about who I outraced that day, it makes it a little better.  I was determined to win the $500 race because I wanted everyone on our team to go to victory lane before that night was over.”

Mission accomplished.

Now he looks ahead to a summer filled with more Millbridge action, but with the addition of the Bojangles Summer Shootout Series for the legends cars at Charlotte Motor Speedway this month on the pavement, and some test time in a NASCAR late model stock car as well.

“I think running on dirt and pavement helps me as a driver,” Roy said.   “Because running on dirt helps you control your car better on pavement.  Plus it gives me a lot more time in a race car, and the more time you spend driving any car the better you seem to get at it.  When I get in the late model, it’s going to be a whole new experience.  I’m excited to be able to practice with that, and if I do well enough, maybe we’ll race it some this year.”

He and his two younger brothers, George and Stanley, will likely run close to 50 races this year under the direction of Crew Chief Kyle Beattie.

“Kyle has taught me a lot about setups and he works a lot of hours on all of our cars.  I really appreciate what he does for me and for my brothers.  He’s made us better racers,” Roy said.  “I know my parents sacrifice a lot to make all of this possible, having Kyle and all the cars and travel and everything.  We all have fun racing and it’s cool to do it as a family.  I have a lot to be thankful for. It is going to be a fun summer!”


Get more information by visiting the Millbridge Speedway page on Facebook.

You can follow Hayes Motorsports on their website and on Facebook by searching Hayes Motorsports.

About Hayes Motorsports 

Hayes Motorsports is a multi-division race team based in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. Roy and Sarah Hayes are the team owners.  Their three sons Roy, George and Stanley are the drivers.

All three boys compete on dirt, racing mini outlaw cars at tracks such as  Millbridge Speedway in Salisbury, North Carolina in mini outlaw cars, where Roy and George both got wins in 2015.

They also compete on pavement, racing a combination of bandoleros and legends cars at tracks such as Charlotte Motor Speedway, Atlanta Motor Speedway and numerous NASCAR Whelen All-American Series tracks throughout the Southeast.

Roy won his first Bandolero race at Charlotte Motor Speedway during the 2015 Bojangles Summer Shootout Series, having already won at Atlanta Motor Speedway in Georgia and Bethel Motor Speedway in New York State previously.

SKE / Kyle Beattie Racing provides maintenance and at-track setup assistance for all of the team’s cars.

Promotion and coaching is handled by veteran Performance Coach Tom Baker of Team Full Throttle in Charlotte, N.C.

RGS Products, Inc. is the team’s motorsports partner.

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